FSDSS-710 | I shouldn't have said, "If there's no last train, come over to me!"... Regret grows as the night progresses and a junior boy's bizarre sexual desire Moe Tenshi

FSDSS-710 | I shouldn't have said,
Label: Faleno Star
Categories: Beautiful Girl
Studio: Faleno

``If there's no last train, why don't you have another drink at home?'' In the morning, I strongly wish I hadn't said such a thing... A junior male's sexual desire swells with regret... A few hours ago, he was drinking with a younger boy. Out of kindness, he invited a junior boy to his house after he missed the last train. That was the beginning of the nightmare. I got so drunk that I fell asleep...When I woke up, I couldn't understand the situation. I was naked and my hands were restrained...For a moment I didn't know what was going on...In front of me was a junior boy grinning and filming me naked with his smartphone...and from there I had no choice but to accept it. He committed numerous crimes...


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