ABF-003 | Splash Yu Yu Rukawa

ABF-003 | Splash Yu Yu Rukawa
Director: Charlie Nakata
Studio: Prestige

Prestige exclusive actress "Narukawa Yuu" breaks the limit with squirting sexual intercourse! When she relentlessly caresses her tight and sensitive body, she puts her nipples on the bing and moistly wets her pussy. If you let her finger crawl on the slimy man muscle and scratch her vaginal hole with her finger, the tide will be jetted vigorously! If you insert a meat stick into a convulsive mako and repeat the piston violently, a large amount of tide will overflow! A high-pitched voice echoes in the room and scatters the tide, trembling her body and climaxing many times! Restraint toy torture, sensual oil, 4P... etc. 4 contents full of highlights that Yu Rukawa blows and blows! 5.4 liters of total squirt volume full of juice! Yu Rukawa goes crazy with tide-covered sex that exceeds her own limits!


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