SDJS-193 | First Time 3 Struggle Document "Please Let My Pussy Be Tested For Better Onaho Goods Development Research" Shy But Lewd Goods Division Haru Shibasaki 2nd Year Joined

SDJS-193 | First Time 3 Struggle Document
Director: Easy Matsumoto
Studio: SOD Create

Haru Shibasaki, who is trying to develop new goods by putting herself on the verge of appearing in an AV. This time she will make the final adjustments to the new masturbator products that have continued since the last time. 3SEX all life first experience! 1. The first lotion SEX "Study of lotion for masturbation makes the whole body slippery 2. "Handjob & fellatio at close range" Investigation of sensitivity and shape of cock 3. "First amateur man and SEX" Prototype masturbation and pussy Comparison 4. Investigate how many pistons to ejaculate by visiting the "first 3P SEX" shooting site


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